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Welcome to my Website. You will find this to be a catch-all for the things that I am working on or have been working on for the past 12 weeks as it relates to the Iron Yard. I am a recent graduate of the Rails engineering 12 week bootcamp. Prior to to this experience, I have been in the manufacturing industry for about 17 years in various roles and responsibilities.

I have wanted to be a software developer for about 5 years, so when I found myself in between jobs, I decided to pursue my dream with lots of encouragement from family and friends. The Iron Yard setting up an office in Atlanta provided me the motivation and ability to pursue this when I heard they were starting a Rails engineering course.

After 12 weeks of grueling hours and assignments in some of the latest technologies and software development methodologies, I found my new career passion. The bootcamp was a very difficult process for both me and my family as it took a significant amount of after-hours time to work through problems and homework assignments, but in the end, it was well worth the short sacrifice to learn a viable skill and give my new career significant traction. Thanks for stopping by!

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